Monday, November 1, 2010

About Cars and Taxes

I keep getting funny dreams for some reason, they are so bizzare that I wake up and laugh on my own and keep chuckling all the way to the office.

I love Nissan Skyline GTR R32 2002 model. I'd never buy it coz, I would not want to pay the unreal taxes that  our beloved government levies on luxury and sports cars, ( they put a Camry as a luxury car, I thought Lexus, BMWs,Mercs are luxary cars, Oh! but to tax common people you need to put everything under luxury).

BTW I have decided to buy a bullock cart. Doesn't need a number plate, it has the following specs:

  1. AWD, ATV
  2. Intelligent torque control
  3. 100% fuel free, mileage unlimited
  4. Auto driving augmentation control
  5. Fully automatic drive mode
  6. Auto park mode
  7. No experience required for driving, the vehicle adapts and augments according to your stupidity.
  8. Highly customizable, you can separate the engine and the chassis, and change the body whenever you need or feel like.
  9. Ultimate safety, the engine kicks strangers if some one came close with wrong intention, also the engine walks into the garage on its own.
  10. It will surpass Euro2 environment protection standards by miles.
  11. All you have to do is pat it every morning to make it and you have a comfortable drive.

So thinking about the taxes and Oxen and Skyline GTR, I had this funny dream. Well I was driving my GTR on Autobahn and I was pushing it to the limits and suddenly I could feel vibrations from the steering wheel, a slight wobble!

I though for crying out loud sakes this is DREAM, do I have to change tires in dream!! well I started thinking about tow out and in, probably something wrong with the alignment.

Well I got out of my car and I saw the problem! it had cart wheels instead of 19" Momo Alloy wheels! I think.

My car had CART WHEELS! may as well put Oxen in the front!

Any one want to ride wid me!! In my brand new skyline GTR with cart wheels.!