Monday, November 1, 2010

About Cars and Taxes

I keep getting funny dreams for some reason, they are so bizzare that I wake up and laugh on my own and keep chuckling all the way to the office.

I love Nissan Skyline GTR R32 2002 model. I'd never buy it coz, I would not want to pay the unreal taxes that  our beloved government levies on luxury and sports cars, ( they put a Camry as a luxury car, I thought Lexus, BMWs,Mercs are luxary cars, Oh! but to tax common people you need to put everything under luxury).

BTW I have decided to buy a bullock cart. Doesn't need a number plate, it has the following specs:

  1. AWD, ATV
  2. Intelligent torque control
  3. 100% fuel free, mileage unlimited
  4. Auto driving augmentation control
  5. Fully automatic drive mode
  6. Auto park mode
  7. No experience required for driving, the vehicle adapts and augments according to your stupidity.
  8. Highly customizable, you can separate the engine and the chassis, and change the body whenever you need or feel like.
  9. Ultimate safety, the engine kicks strangers if some one came close with wrong intention, also the engine walks into the garage on its own.
  10. It will surpass Euro2 environment protection standards by miles.
  11. All you have to do is pat it every morning to make it and you have a comfortable drive.

So thinking about the taxes and Oxen and Skyline GTR, I had this funny dream. Well I was driving my GTR on Autobahn and I was pushing it to the limits and suddenly I could feel vibrations from the steering wheel, a slight wobble!

I though for crying out loud sakes this is DREAM, do I have to change tires in dream!! well I started thinking about tow out and in, probably something wrong with the alignment.

Well I got out of my car and I saw the problem! it had cart wheels instead of 19" Momo Alloy wheels! I think.

My car had CART WHEELS! may as well put Oxen in the front!

Any one want to ride wid me!! In my brand new skyline GTR with cart wheels.!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

how to make a lot of money in India

Like I said in my last post that I've been studying about economics, business/project analysis like PESTEL, SWOT, investing strategies by Monish Pabrai....i won't go into the details coz I can fill this page up with jargons that can make you swiftly slide into a deep slumber ( If you can thank me later). But I want to tell you that whatever I am going to write is truly based on real principles and I did a considerable amount of research.  Well I did it for my own I found myself lacking in couple of important "things" that are related to "the thing" that I wish to do.

This post only affects the Indians.

Lucrative political side Business

Apply for a political post and fill up a form for getting yourself into your local municipal elections. The trick goes like this...make sure you intimidate your opponent only upto the point where he or they decide to kill you.

After you have intimidated them they will give you an offer to pull out.... bid well ...and sell yourself to a highest bidder and pull out. Don't get too cocky... that you are going to do good to the can't coz if you are reading this means some where deep down in you heart you know that you are a failure (not only in terms of being my books rich does not mean "to succeed").... You'd always be in a company of thugs and eventually you too will become one of them. If you become a politician....I won't be your friend anymore.

That's's a month of work, needs good acting skills and just by investing Rs.3000 you can come out with Rs.50,000 (for starters). You can always do this same time same date next year with higher deals.

What kind of investment gives you a full guaranteed 16.666% return in one month!

Cleaning business
If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and you want to do something where you can keep you conscience clear this is the job for you.

The data is based on current rates in the market right now...and I've talked to people offering services and also those who utilize their services.

It's freaking difficult to get truth out of people.

Cleaning Gutters: small gutters and chokeups in you home starts at: Rs. 1000. Larger gutter cleaning goes upto Rs. 7000. It takes an hour or two with men power of 5 to do the job on average. There is hardly any investment and it solely depends on man power. ( who pays you Rs.7000 for 2 hours?)

Cleaning Buildings: For a 4 floor building..with job that involves only taking the garbage out every alternate day and sweeping the floors...Moping goes only once a month....contracts start from: Rs. 10,000 a year per block. It takes an average of one hour cleaning a building block with team of 3.

Cleaning equipments are not your investment...the building pays for it extra. Any work which falls out of your contract is extra.

Removing Dead bodies of animals: Depending on the size of animal and where it died the average price starts with Rs. 3000 can go upto Rs.5000. It takes about 5 mins to do this job! usually 1 person is enough.

Here is what I calculated:

Say you got 8 hours in a day (we all know we work more than that!) if you have 8 building contracts means you get around: Rs. 220 per day.

Now on average there are atleast 4- 5 gutter choke ups of different sizes in a day...on average you get around Rs. 5,500 per day.

If you are situated near a high way or area with lot of dogs and cows are in for a treat.. say on average 1 animal dies near in a residential or commercial building every month. Rs. 3000 per month....gets to Rs. 100 per day..on an average.

So you total income PER DAY would be: Rs. 220+ Rs. 5,000 + Rs. 3000 = Rs. 8220 PER DAY!! that is  a whooping Rs. 9,86000 a year.

My calculations are based on weather conditions, festivals...number of marriage ceremonies and other parties that occur and affect this business through out the year.

A team of 5 will cost you around Rs.200,000 per year...and with misc expenses of another Rs.100,000 you still end up with cool Rs. 786,000 per year.

These contractors usually charge Cash and don't pay taxes. But due to their way of living you are fooled that they are poor! actually they also make money on the fact that you think that they think they are poor.

After talking to number of people in this business I found that they are not able to manage the money due to lack of education and usually waste it!

BTW they also have teams of people collecting cables and computer and electronic parts. They extract copper out of it and sell it. It's a lot of money...look at the rates of copper if you are into commodities.

How many of you engineers and white collar buggers make in a day! You can't even come close to this total.

So there it is...a plan to make money.... now all you have to do is invest Rs. 3000 out of your Rs.786,000 you made get 16.666% returns in a month and you can add those extra Rs.50,000 to your income....all tax free!

If you want I can provide you with phone numbers  of those people who are in this business in my city!!

I bet that you won't be caught doing "things" like this!! But on the other's a lucrative business!

Monday, June 7, 2010

wasting time

Couple of months have passed since my last post. I've been trying to self educate myself. It is good, but it is mind boggling.

This statement is false.

It means that it self ascertains it is false, possibly everything it says is true. How can it be true if it is false. So it is definitely false as well. But if it is false then it can't be true.

Based on the liar paradox, here is another one (it is not a paradox though):

I am a liar.

It means that i am a liar which is true, but it also means that I speak truth, as the sentence itself implies that I do speak truth sometimes, for instance while speaking the above sentence.

So when you say you are a liar you are speaking the truth/ or may be lying, I guess the sentence is incorrect technically.

I started reading something about management, and I ended up reading liar's paradox. I thought that I would get here if I'd be reading about lawyers. But I guess management is in the same boat.

The bottom line is that I wasted a lot of time on things that are pretty much useless. Procrastinate now.