Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The pick-up song

The year is 2000, Moses invited me to accompany him to his Church, The Christian Science Church. This was his first day, a bit unnerving for both of us.

Moses was all dressed up for the Sunday mass, I was just wearing T and jeans.

The church was huge. We went inside this great hall, and it being Sunday, the Church was packed. Moses insisted we sit on the last row to avoid attention. He thought we'd make it quick...in and out...go unnoticed. We were the only Indians in this huge congression.

The Sunday mass started. The wireless microphone started making rounds of the "newbies" as I suspected, and yes our turn came and yes Moses froze. I panicked too, so instead of keeping my cool I started nudging Moses with my elbow, I said " Start with your name ". I had a strong urge of calling him "NAME" but I refrained, thought it would be inappropriate considering where I was.

I was looking at Moses's face, his face had turned pale but his ears and nose were shades of red, but eventually he eased and spoke about himself. I was alright coz I'd had some experience speaking in public. I told'em how happy I was to be among them and that they radiated warm friendly feelings which put us at ease. They all smiled and few were in awe as I spoke without an accent. It's working I thought, "The communication skills" after all I paid $2500 for that subject (Ah, the cheap Indian spoke).

We stood up and sang then We sat down and listened, apparently we did that a few many times . While in the midst of this I suddenly realized that people were looking at us. The mass ended, and by God amazing thing happened, every one came and congratulated us for our singing abilities.

After all the hand-shakes, an old woman approached to us and said " you'd make a good Tenor, after some voice training...By the way these two beautiful ladies are my grand children.....Gracy and Stella".


Sorcerer said...


Pick up songs!!!
I never doubted your abilities Mister!!

санжог said...

Well, I wasnt trying to pick-up anyone. I just didn't want to make an ass out of myself in Publik.