Friday, October 2, 2009

Chronicles of memories

I am what my friends made me. I dedicate my success to all my friends back in Australia who straightened me out and made a real person out of me.

I am sitting in the car with four of my friends. I was sitting in the front seat with Ahmed who introduced me to his other friends. Well I was the newbie among them, and I was to be tested to see whether I "fit" them or not. It was about earning respect I guess.

So one of the blokes,Vince looked at me, noded his head and said " Bro you are really ugly! girls don't like ugly people"

I looked at Ahmed and then I looked into the vanity mirror, I turned back to Ahmed and asked " Bro am I uglier than him?",

Ahmed noded too, he replied " I am sorry to say this Sanju, but yes, you are"

I said " Shit, If I am uglier than him, I got to admit it , I am really ugly"


Sorcerer said...

loved it-the quote is goin in my blog

санжог said...

thanx bro