Monday, May 4, 2009

The Air Port Blues Part 1

I read my friends blog about how he enjoyed his air-port-to-home adventure and that how he did not get furious about the troubles he had, coz ofcourse he was going home, the best feeling ever. Inspired by him I too thought of writing about my air-port-to-home funny adventure.

From now on I will refer to Airport-to-home as A2H.

You know I find it hard to recall any anecdotes that I can compare my A2H adventure. I believe it's like how your doctor tickles you, you burst out in a laughter and then suddenly he jabs you with his syring, then you are not laughing anymore, but somehow its funny in a painful way.

So my journy started from Sydney International Airport. My best friend Moses accompnied me to bid-me-farewell. His enthusiasm was so emphatic that I started thinking about his intentions, it was like how you say bye bye to your uncle and his family that have been pestering you since a month. ( the cousin who would not leave the T.V alone and sleep on you bed and kills your computer).

So i thought of buying something for my family and friends, Moses and I entered this duty free perfume shop, (apparently you should not buy anything else from Australia, coz Australia is made in China). Moses is not an ordinary person, I might just have to write a chapter on him. After finishing off with almost empty pocket i left for the security check......And my hard-funny-venure started..... I went through the metal detector after emptying my pockets in a tray they gave me. RRRRIIINNNG (it actually sounded like bio-hazard siren) the lights started blinging and I was to start all over again, this time i removed my belt, RRRRRIINNGG again, so i removed my shoes..... RRRRIINGGG again, no i did not allow them to remove my pants. That security officer put my shoes and belt through the X-ray... nothing, searched every corner of my body....nothing there too.. actually there were all the things that a man has but only they are not security risk. Satisfied after frisking me, they figured that stupid metal detector was set to be too sensitive. With whatever dignity i had left i put my shoes on and my belt, tucked my shirt in and off we go for immigration check. There this CIA-looking person looked at me as if I was an alien, but he quickly recognised my face from the passport. I really wanted to talk about that attitude of his.

Anyways, i sat in my seat later expecting some pretty woman sitting next to me, which actually never it never happens. The seat remained empty, so i got to streach myself all the way to India.

I reached the Bombay air-port on time, went through immigration check, where the custom officer was asking for a bribe coz he saw the 500 dollars i was carrying. anyways i went through that ( i didnt give anyone anything, he forgot that I was born here), I was really flabberghasted about how they treat people. Well I was not worried about that coz i was too happy to be home.

So i waited for the connecting flight to my city.....Ahmadabad. I took THE AIR INDIA ( WARNING: dont be too cheap try State Transport buses, travelling in AIR INDIA can seriously leave scars on your soul). The air hostesses were so large that they had to walk side-ways to go through the isles, i am sure that one of them even had a moustach. They reminded me of nasty school teachers they show in hindi movies. No I am just kidding but I was really scared of them, they really looked intimidating.The weather was too turbulent and Ahmadabad was dark. Our plane kept circling the city for 2 hours, the pilot said that we might just have to go back, but some how we managed to land. LAND AGAIN, My backside was sore, i felt relived that ATLAST I GET TO GET OUT OF THIS PLANE.

I reached ahmedabad at 1:30 Am, and the air port was flooded with water. The feeling of home is incredible, overwhelming, I instantly I forgot all my woes. The smell of wet soil in the air soothing my soul, the drops of warm rain washing my worries away, incredible. I could not stop smiling, at some point i started laughing, people were looking but i didn't give a damn, actually some started laughing too. Its contagious this laughter. I actually made couple of friends with that laughter of mine at the air port, we were sharing our flight woes later.

Now to the funny part. The air-port was flooded and my luggege was all wet, I was not sure whether my playstation2 wud actually be intact. I was waiting for my luggage at the conveyour belt, guess what was the first thing that came out of the rubber blinds, A DOG, yes a dog on the conveyor belt, I guess he was doing his cardio, he kept moving forward but he would some how end up at the same place where he started. later he was trotting in the opposite direction, but he wasnt going anywhere. then the trouble started for him, the luggages started arriving, he saw this large oversized black duffle bag comming towards him, he jumped and he landed on the floor, he too seemed to be happy to be on the LAND again.

I saw couple of NRI's who were showing their kids....Look son A DOG in the international air port, and then the kid screamed in joy " LOOK daddy a pegion and it is doing a doodle on that seat", apparently he had never seen a pegion do doodle, in his life, NO thanks to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and DISCOVERY.

So I took my wet luggage outside to find that the rickshaws were on strike, but there was one. He offered his services and I obliged. I had to give him $15 to get to home, actually it costs around Rs.70. Man i missed the rikshaw ride. It does not have any suspension, so you kind of FEEL a lot, more with your aching backside.

But after a quick shower at home, with a cup of hot coffee in my hand i was standing in my balcony enjoying the rain, and i was laughing again thinking about my adventure. NOT KNOWING THERE WAS MORE TO COME WHEN I GO BACK TO AUSTRALIA.


Sorcerer said...

That was hilarious.

home coming is always a memorable event.aint it?

Anonymous said...

Nice reading this...
but paying 15$ for something that costs 70rs is too much...

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Nice! And I love the description of your homecoming, smile and all. Know that feeling well, and the way that you described it so beautifully brought it all back.

Lol at everything in Australia made in China. So true, right down to the souvenirs of Australia!