Sunday, May 31, 2009

invention of zee "stupid talk"

me: hey jobless
its shirtless jobless heere
vinode90: lol :P
me: insignificantly attractive attributes contradiction
vinode90: and whats that in engliush? :P
me: no its stupid; i invented it
it sounds like its great; but really its dumb
vinode90: then its not english :P
me: its written in english
u try ur hand at it
vinode90: but my hands will get unclean :(
me: u have to say my ambidextrocity will be accutated to no point of return resulting in dermatities
vinode90: er....(scratches head)
me: i have to post this


Sorcerer said...

ze nice aye

Sammok said...

yeah, very.

Anonymous said...

am still scratching my head...din't quite understand.

санжог said...

Tell me how do I reply to things I don't understand!! My answer is Speak stupid, it's great.