Friday, May 8, 2009

MY fight with Office Babu

So I went to get my families medical "thingy" to get transfered from Bombay to Ahmadabad.

I went in the office and submitted the paper which my father gave me (FLASH BACK: Son don't loose it, this is the only one paper, make sure u get it in the right hands). So i took the paper back got it photocopied and gave the copy to the BABU.

The Babu promised the work to be done in jiffy, well coz i was talking to him in the Lecter Hannibal tone, smooth as possible laced with all the buttering words there could be. He made an entry in the register. I asked him, " What do i have to do next?", "NUTTHING, YEVRY THING IS A1", came the prompt reply.

15 days gone, (well if everything was going to be ok, I would'nt be writting this). My mom went to dispensary and found that our names were not registered in the system AGAIN. So I was called on to finish the task of fixing the debacle and so i went back to the office, guess what the babu has been transfered, "GREAT" so i caught hold of another one. I gave him the numbers and he punched it in the pc and nothing came up. He looked at me and said " NOT IN THE SYSTEM". I said "ok, then put us in the system, what is the procedure?"
He told me the procedure and I confirmed that I had already done that 15 days ago.
Here goes the conversation:

Babu Hindustani: " You have to submit the paper from the head office"
me: " I already did that 15 days ago"
Babu Hindustani: " It's not here, you have not submitted it"
me: " here is the copy of the paper"
Babu hindustani: " this won't do, I need original"
me: " I already submited the original 15 days ago"
Babu Hindustani: " It's not here, you have not submitted it"
me: " here is the copy of the paper"
Babu Hindustani: " this is not original, I need original"
me: " it is a fax copy"
Babu Hindustani: " You have to submit the original"
me: " I already did that 15 days ago"

I did this for another 45 mins, and after running around the tree I got dizzy. It reminded me of Merry-go-Round and round and round.

The babu Hindustani was relentless, he has such a practice and mastery of "NOT YEILDING" that my eyes brimmed with tears, I found my guru," teach me, this great art of yours, master, take me as your deciple"

me: " Ok , before we go for the next round, lets take another route"

me: " Take this copy and do your thing, coz its a fax and I don't think it matters whether it's a copy or not as long as its got those numbers on the top of the page"

Babu Hindustani: " No sir, Can't do, the procedure demands for the original fax"

me:" definately sir, you are right sir, but i am sure that the last person here before you did an entry in the register, If its not so much trouble, would you please please (" IN THE NAME OF ALL THE 36,00,000,000 Deities") check it."

Babu Hindustani: " your papers are not here" pointing at a pile of files " It should be in there, it's not there"

Now I lost my cool, this goddamn good for nothing, imbecil, doesnt even give me an option of how to fix the goddamn problem.

me: " well i did submit the paper 15 days ago"

Babu hindustani: " You didn't, If you had it would have been here"

me: " Are you trying to say that I am lying"

Babu hindustani: " It's not here and you have not submitted it"

me: " I have , and you have lost the bloody paper"

Babu hindustani: " What Bloody, Bloody are you talking, go learn some manners, who taught you to talk like this"

me: " I said bloody papers, not Mother F%^#$, don't you dare start a fight with me"

Babu hindustani: (raising his voice) " I am done with you, what bloody bloody are you talking"

His blood pressure was rising, and he squealed as his pitch went high. I could'nt stop myself, I started laughing out loud. I wish i could record the way he spoke.

This made the babu real mad, his Chameli Ka Tel Chappat hair-style went all disheveled. he stood up from his chair and started throwing tantrums.

I left the office, called one of my relatives, who knew some one important, and that important person knew the babu's superior. and after a few phone calls by me, the Babu Hindustani got the phone call. I was summoned back in the office.

Babu Hindustani: (still on the phone) " definately sir, ofcourse sir, no problems sir, only 5 minuits sir, yes sir, no no sir, ofcourse not sir, yes sir, ok sir, thank you sir"

Babu hindustani: " Why did you call the GM for?"

me: " I wanted to get the work done"

Babu Hindustani: " Why couldn't you tell me that you are Mr. Pandya's son"

me: " what if i was an ordinary person's son?, and If you could read , check the paper I gave you, my dad's name is written on it!!"

well at last after 2 hours of head ache, he did finish his work.

but what it over yet? can it be over yet? OFCOURSE NOT

He made my sister a man, my grandmother my mother.

so my granmother is now 40 years old and my mother is 75, and my sister is a guy.


I didn't have the heart to go to that office again, I asked my dad to take a day off and fix it himself.

Oh man, who gives these people job, some one can die just going through this bureaucracy.

To get officially approved work done I had to put pressure on him. I can't fathom what a little man has to go through.


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Anonymous said...

Hey its like this in almost all our govt run offices....seriously :~(

I had a similar kind of experience few days ago to get my transcripts from the university.
It was such a horrible exp....

And as I am writing this...I remember I paid 27,oooRs as my fee to a coll and since I haven't joined there,they were supposed to give my money back and they still did not..
Its almost 3 months now....