Monday, October 5, 2009

be nice get slapped

I got slapped today by an old man. Do you know why? because I tried to be nice to him.

I have never been slapped ever by any one as a matter of fact there has never been time in my life that I had to fight with someone.

This old man must be holding a higher post at his job and was very arrogant, obnoxious and absolutely rude. He had his daughter admitted in the nursing home above my office.

He must have got into the elevator to get off on 4th floor. I was waiting for the elevator on the third floor. I pressed the call button. Unfortunately for the old man, the elevator went up, and started descending down, I think he did not open the door on time.

So the elevator stopped on the third floor, I got in, I realised that he was suppose to go on the 4th floor, so i told him to get off on the third floor or else he'd have to travel down and then back up.

He just exploded when I said this, he blamed me for "forcing " the elevator not to stop on his floor, and as we exchanged words, he just slapped me. I had to get the security to force him out of the building.

Can you believe this, I mean I understand the meaning of "No good deed gets unpunished" but damn. I realised that I just needed to shut up. Not going to do any more community services no more. Next time some one might just kill me for suggesting something helpful.


Sharky said...


Poor old man....mebbe his daughter was really in a bad state

Sorcere said...

Theres always a first time buddy!

санжог said...

Not really, it was something minor, believe me, I run real fast from fights, I got in to one means that guy just wanted to do it.

I think, as Racism of the Social status is prevalent in India, its my cloths that made him think, I could be bullied.

It was definitely not my fault. period.