Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank you Optus

The year is 2001.

I was just sitting in the lecture hall with my friends. The hall had about 30 students in it. There was this nice girl sitting next to me, texting away on her mobile. Her batteries were about to go flat.

She looked around and later she decided to ask me if she could borrow my mobile for few minutes.

She took my mobile, turned it off, switched the sim cards and restarted it.

When the phone came back to life, she smiled...and grinned and then started laughing. She is a very good friend of mine now.

Well, let me explain it..... you remember that old Nokia model 8250, pretty little phone, with blue back light. ( I want one of those back!!)

I changed the name of my general profile to " my bitch" (pardon my French) and my carrier logo was "Yes Optus"

So it reads "Yes my bitch". Just because I was angry about the "flag fall" charges.

So that pretty lady, with a million dollar smile, is my friend ( It could have gone further...but she had a nice boyfriend already!! All the nice girls are spoken for!!)

I frankly told her that...she's got to put me on the waiting list! Later I found that the list was quite long. Well! It was a good try, but the wrong girl.

I was introduced to her boyfriend later, the man was really a nice dude (lucky too!!)

This incident gave me a hope, that a nerd like me have a chance. I told her what I thought , and I was relieved. I understood that I got to consider a girl as a person first....and not an object of desire, respect her decisions and give her space.

I set things straight instead of keeping it in mind, and she respectfully denied my proposal, but I felt good. She smiled and got me introduced to one of her nice friends later.

So thank you Optus, you made my day.


Sorcerer said...

Cheesy pickup line..on ze phone..
Smart boy!!

санжог said...

he he he he he

Anonymous said...

introduced to one of her nice friends aha!
There begins another story!