Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crikey Aussies

I miss my friends, It's been almost 5 years now since we all parted and got on with our lives.

Prologue (or whatever it is called)

What I am about to write is absolutely unbelievable, but my friends and I walked the extraordinary path. Lunatic all of us. They are the memories that I reminiscence when I am sad. My grandfather used to say this.. make beautiful memories every day coz those would be the only thing left with you to look back at. Don't be ordinary, become a legend that your grandchildren can talk about.

The first thing I wanted to do was get this stereotyping of being IT genius off my back. I wanted to show that I am a person and I represent me, not India not Australia, not any religion I hate representing things that have rules of conduct. Have you noticed that, nobody actually tries to know you, they just initially assume your stereotypical image. I belong to no where, I only belong to good people, who like to laugh and want to know me as a person.

Australians are fun to be with, they smile all the time, very down to earth ( I have come across very few people who actually were arrogant, out of the arrogant people most of them were not Australians). Live with it, this is what I observed.

I remember my friend Ben, he is a freaking area manager for Coles, not arrogant a bit about his achievements. Always laughing, learning Indian swear words, that he used loudly. (BTW, no I never worked at  7/11,Kmart or Coles or anywhere where I'd be sterotyped). We just met at Starbucks once, coz we both came to same place for coffee.

I used to work at Connex South trans (transport), they used to have this huge yard where they park their buses. And they rent out the parking space to other operators too. One night I saw this man trying to clean his Coach in the wash bay with a tiny brush. I offered him help, coz he was not going to make it with that thing, and boy after we finished I realized that he was the owner of the company. Not a single drop of arrogance, he could have hired some one to do it, but he wanted to show that all his staff members are equal (although there was no one around), if they do it so will he. What amazed me the most that he remembered me after months. This is their website Australia wide and if you go to the website the blue bus on the lower right hand corner is what he was cleaning. He said that this one cost him millions, and won't allow any one in with their shoes on!! Russell Crowe's been there, the one who chucks phones and punches at people.

There are 100 others that touched my life. I could keep writing all day about them, even though they were millionaires, they'd hang out with people like me! who are almost no one! That is what a man should be like, according to me.

These kind of people make this earth a bearable place to live. This is the reason why we are all not dead yet, it's the good people who keep pouring life to this planet.

I got 14 people that I hang out with, and they are absolutely full of life, it's like non stop fun 24/7.

These people are my mentors and I'd like to be like them. I am hoping they are all in good health.

Having these people touch my life is my greatest achievement ever. I can't put any more emphasis on it. I am what my friends made me.


Sorcerer said...

well said Sanjog..
this was beautiful..
you made your points clear

* applauds

Anonymous said...

"I belong to no where, I only belong to good people, who like to laugh and want to know me as a person."
You belong to me! wink ;-) wink;)wink ;-)Lol!
But seriously there are so so so few people who would want to know us truly:-|
People who are down to earth,friendly and happy are rare to meet but YES they are the one who make this stay on earth bearable.

Write more :~)

Is it the blue bus (with a video link on it in website)that he was cleaning??

санжог said...

yeah that's the bus.

there are many people like that, trust me.

Like Sorcy, he never says much about himself but he has done great things and not a single drop of arrogance or pride. Amazing

Anonymous said...

Many people like that? I really reaaly hope I could meet more of them.
I have this feeling that you are like Sorcy too..
Are you both friends since long ?

Written said...

You're right, grounded down-to-earth people are a real something huh. The more I read your posts, the more I'm loving it.

It's good to surround yourself with real people to keep your feet on the ground, ready to face the future, unafraid and hopeful.

Thank you for this amazing write.