Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eddie's philosophy

I have a friend called Eddie he is my work partner.for some reason he calls me Josephine , i asked him many times why...he says I look at you and Josephine comes to my mind. Must be the beard I have. I googled it and found one Josephine Baker. Not even if you are fully stoned I'd look like this Créole Goddess. I couldn't make out whether he was insulting her or me!![..]

Josephine" is" a beautiful woman, back in around 1927, bold, sexy and very powerful. Here's her wiki Josephine Baker [..]

Initially he used to hate my guts, but later the kick boxer softened  up a lot. We used to drive around a lot and when Eddie drives, he drives with vengeance. He drives with a running commentary and shit load of swear words. So we decided  to make a road rage song to sing while driving. I cant write that song here, coz there are car parts and human parts anatomically  interwoven in  impossible ways, and some one of a kind swear words.   We sing this song to all those who got their licence God knows how obviously finishing up with the finger of impunity.

Well we did this to save the car, coz he'd kill it. So every day while driving Eddie starts singing the rode rage song and swearing at bad drivers.

Eddy is very funny guy, his humour style is one of a kind, this is one of the things he'd say:

Eddy: You know...sometimes..some thoughts are so deep... ( I thought this is going to be heavy... he gave a big pause)

Eddy: Like when you are about to fart .... you think will this be a wet one? will it leave a skid mark?!!


Sorcerer said...

here are car parts and human parts anatomically interwoven in impossible ways, and some one of a kind swear words.


Hey I tell ya mate..you should write this song..
Save the humankind for Godsake..

surveygirl46 said...

Don't you love deep thoughts that touch all your senses? LOL

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the Road Rage song!