Monday, November 16, 2009

A spoof on life

This is the most idiotic and stupid story ever started, I m goona put my brain away and write it, but I want you people to complete it and add things to it that makes it more and more annoying, all the other tweetities and blogghorrea sufferers.

It's ok to be stupid sometimes, it's a stress relief. writing about smart and intelligent stuff makes you Socrates and writing parodies stuff makes you Russell Peters. tell me who is more famous and less boring.

Long long Ago, in a small town with small people, there was this guy called "Incasufindmybrain Postit2me", his first name is "INCASEUFINDMYBRAIN" and last name is "POSTIT2ME". Pronounced like "dumb-me-brain....(pause).... pust-it-thwo-me"

here is the side view of his brain structure:

He always wanted to be a superman, but he was scared about how his butt would look in the tight Spandex(®tm), but he thought that If he wore a cape it won't look that bad, maybe also add an underwear on top of pants to hide his assets and make it less objectionable . (that's the reason Superman wears a cape and undies on top of spandex, I think!!).

But on the other hand Wonder woman is hot.

This is just one of the random things that would pop up in his head, which were actually mostly only three food, sex and Mc Donald's and sometimes where is the nearest Mc Donald's.

He'd say hmmmm a lot coz nofing wud come up in his brain. He thought all the people were stupid, coz he couldn't understand most of the things they'd say.

Well a tragedy fell on him when he was in 7th grade, when he asked his science teacher about " what's inside an electron?" DUHH!! said teacher. "what a stupid question", where is your brain?" DON"T YOU SEE IT'S NOT A PART OF THE SYLLABUS".

Later in his college years he asked " What is love?" to the psychology professor. he replied " What is love? baby dont hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!, nod your head side ways!" (WHAT!! It was a hit back in 1993).

He wanted a girl friend. But who would hang out with him, coz his pick-up line was "come on baby, light my fire". So he turned GOTH. 

He thought, this might be cool. I'll shave my eyebrows, put on black lipstick, paste my face white like a ghost, girls will DIGG it if they don't dig it.


Or may be put on hair extentions with black mascara and black eye shade with a lab rat as a pet.

Well it did work for him, now all he had to do was make a face to get good grades. 

The Goth's didn't accept him, they said you are a disgrace, you can't stop smiling, Goth's don't smile. He got hate mails from Ozzy and Marlyn. He wanted to reply them, but he couldn't tell whether to refer Marilyn as Mr. or Miss, didn't want to hurt sentiments, so he decided to "Mansion not" about sexuality of people who look weird.



Sorcerer said...

hey!! thats a real cool one!!! :)

Thornhill Wealth Forum said...
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Uncommon Sense said...

super creative stuff,, liked it a lot

санжог said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Incasufindmybrain Postit2me" it your other name :~P

Fun reading it.
The side view of his brain was the funniest.You made it right?
The other both pics were gothic enough.Wonder why they din't accept ??
If superman read this,he will feel so embarrassed.
Gothics don't smile? Some do like me.

Keep writing......

санжог said...

I dreamed about marlyn mansion smiling, which actually freaked me out. I was using him to scare people in my dream.

Yes,he he he he, and i am also "Isuckbigtime whatcanyoudoaboutit", I have to write about that alter ego of mine

Anonymous said...

Icandonothing butloveknowingmore would be my reply to that alter ego post of yours :~)

санжог said...


TJ Lubrano said...

Whahahhaah! Awesome post you got here!

Hahahah when I saw Ozzy's picture, burrito popped in my mind. Have you seen that episode where he's going to get a burrito?

Take care!

DD said...

Nice duuude... khikhikhi so did anyone post ur brain to u yet??
And u dreamt of Marlyn Manson smiling??? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Duuude! he is scary enough as it is!!!