Sunday, November 1, 2009

ME funny name

I absolutely understand how hard it is to pronounce Indian name is no different...these are the various ways my name has been pronounced, It's really funny...what's in the name after all.

My name is Sanjog pronounced San as in San-Diego, and "o" in jog as in oog. But 

My name makes me part of many cultures across the world I even belong to the Si-Fi zone, so I categorized my name the way they have been pronounced. 

Star Wars:
The Lebanese friends of mine pronounce my name as San duku...great.. the great great grand son of Count Duku. May the force be with you (when you are constipated!). Also San-duk (it means trunk in Arabic)...I say "ha ha ha ha...funny...I talk you after!

Some people at my work place call me Sanit-George (San george---sanjog), the dragon slayer...that makes me patron saint of the English and the Russians and many other.

Beach lover:
My bank (Westpac) calls me Sand-jog... so while you are jogging on the beach think about me...always with you.

Other variants:
Many of my bills have my name printed wrong...I am also San Jose according to Optus (network carrier). Also SAN JOE... I kept that one. St. Joe self proclaimed saint.

No I don't feel bad about it...It's actually funny to watch people pronounce my name..It makes em very uncomfortable...I just laugh and say, hey...what's in the name after call me Saint Joe.


Anonymous said...

Those are funny, love the Star Wars one. My fellow co-workers call me yoda, cuz of my profound wizdom. He He, more like making fun of me cuz of my lack thereof, lol. My blonde roots often shine through at the office unfortunately. It's all in good fun though. A laugh a day helps keep the grumpies away!

санжог said...

blondies are not dumb, I think they are more smarter than anyone...its a matter of perspective. You are Yoda.. Count Doku is pleased to meet you.

Sorcerer said...

you are ze one with different names.

Anonymous said...

Hai St. Joe ...Your blog is quite intersting!

workhard said...


I had a friend called Wajiha and the americans used to call her Veggie...........

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санжог said...

I hope it does not mean wedgie, that would be embarrassing.