Friday, November 6, 2009

Stress relief

These are some ways of stress relief that has worked for me:

  1. Joe goes fishing when stressed, 150 kms away from anywhere...I call this place whoop whoop land (Coined by one of my friend meaning far away from anywhere). 
  2. Go to Penrith club and shoot golf balls. All you have to do for better swing is think about the person/problem you hate the most, attach a swear word to it, and then Bob's your uncle.
  3. Go to blue mountains and throw stones down the gorge.
  4. Take an extremely cold shower.
  5. Get stoned and then watch golf, or the weather channel.
  6. If the bank balance provides, go to snowy mountains, 1000 kms away. Just buy a water bottle there and say fuck it, lets go back!! (have done this!).
  7. MY FAVORITE: pick up witches hats  on the way back also pick up sign boards. (it's illigal stealing) 
  8. Beat the shit out of rented car.
  9. Go fishing on an icy cold day in pajamas.
  10. Go to blue mountains again (2ice in one day just eat fish and chips and come back).
  11. I love explaining about Chaos theory, Game theory, V-tech (my favorite) to the one with bad breath, so that he/she falls asleep and never bothers me again without flossing properly. Bore some one you'd love that.
  12. Talk to Eddie and go for a drive singing the road rage song.


Sorcerer said...


hey!!! We need tha road rage song

expecting that post!

санжог said...

i'll send an email, i cant write it here!!

Anonymous said...

coooooool :~)

SilverNeurotic said...

I really need a couple of golf balls right now. Though, a volley ball works just as well. ;)

Uncommon Sense said...

drink a lot, and puke a lot, that will make the mind empty,, and stress will b afraid of u

Ajit said...

hey getting stoned and watching golf is seriously not stress releiving

санжог said...

HA HA HA HA, u've never tried it have you!!

Ajit said...

hey i tried givin my final papr after stond it went so smooth but i have to say one thing ur sense of humour is really a deviation from the run of mill types .Really great posts man keep writing

санжог said...

That is very flattering, my friend. Thanx a lot.

Shriram INC. said...

i really loved the 8th,9th and 11th suggestion...will try them sometimes!!!

Mr.Poo said...

I have to try it out. It might be better than going to a farm and paint a cow pink.

санжог said...


TJ Lubrano said...

OMG! A extremele cold shower? You will get a brain freeze!!

Oh wait. is that the whole purpose of this point? Brain freeze = no thought in your mind = stress free?

You got some cool stress relief methods going on here.

I like staring at walls...Oeh look! a fly!s

Written said...

Ha ha ha! Cold shower? You know that's just crazy, you'll end up feeling like someone's beaten you up from your insides.

But maybe, that's the trick. Now you mind has to stop tormenting itself with stressed up thoughts when it realizes the cold-wrinkly body that it occupies, needs some warm tender lovin'.

I'll just go straight wall-staring with the person above me. :p