Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This post contains the most hated phrases and sentences, ever , like it's so awesome

Every thing is so awesome and kwel, that it is killing me. It's like so annoying to like use like so many times in like a sentence that like I want to like just hit my head on the wall. mah head is hurting, reading awesome so many times and writing awesome so many times and typing mah instead of my on daily basis.

Basically, it is fairly unique that I have to like use awesome words and phrases to point out that this awesome paragraph contains all of the words most hated in the world literally. OMG I forgot the "", Its just fascinating, like how many times one has to do "" while talking about awesome things. "At the end of the day" and the beginning of new one, I personally think that at this moment and this time it's 12 Am in the morning and I am absolutely, let me be more emphatic, ABSOLUTELY 110% sure that I have added unnecessary commas, and " " quotes just for kicks.

I am like so annoyed by the the phrase "no issues" which ends many many awesome sentences, that I've counted 24 "no issues" while discussing awesome issues. Basically, I thought that "no issues" had to do something with not having any babies. OH MAH GAWD I forgot LoL's, I know 3 people who write LOL all the time, even when things are fucked up they write LOL... HA HA HA HA I gave you the wrong assignment dude LOL, "MAH BAD DUDE", now this particular person has never met anyone from Ghetto, or interacted with any trailer trash in like this whole wide awesome world, but We have to use the "lingo", "fer yer information, it's in mah email", and If I say "Damn internet", she says " stop using the "CUSS" word, my awesome guess is it means CURSE words, and I just wait for the "upcomming" LOLs, without any reason, HA HA HA HA HA nice work HA HA HA HA HA, LOL HA HA HA HA, I forgot to pay you HA HA HA, LOL.

I mean there are some awesome people who believe in "synergism" so much that they have to have synergy to take it to the next level, because everything is in "safe hands".

In India we Like speak "ONLY" for kicks. Like I am the ONLY one, I live here only (it's suppose to mean "I live here", that's all) , we have even added one of the awesome word that I personally hate the most "na", Why does every sentence have to have "na", I've heard awesome people speak " It's only one "na"" which is suppose to be " is it only one?" WHY MAKE STUPID QUESTIONS when I can just pitch my voice and add "na" to ask. Here is my question, which actually is not a question " You are ok, na", buddy. Now my enthu (short of enthusiasm ) is wearing off.

AT THE END OF THE DAY I hope to GAWD I gave you all a nice lovely awesome head ache, to like remember. I just put all the words that are most hated in this world and put em all like together to make an AWESOME post. I tell my self I shouldn't of done it, but I donno.

Actually If you search the internet for "most hated phrases" you will get like same awesome list copy pasted at like 20 places, GAWD DAMN screen crawlers.

Don;t ask what screen crawler means, just google it. I don't want to prove my nerdiness. LOL, HA HA HA HA HA.

I should stop now, coz like I donno but this awesome ness is getting to me.


TJ Lubrano said...

Hahaha I like this post ^_^! It did gave me an awesome headache seriously not kidding here...

Oh instead of 'na' in India, I thought the word 'yaar' is also used? Or is this only is specific parts?

Take care!!

санжог said...

We have a different language here called Hinglish, its Hindi having a baby with English.

Sorcerer said...

Awesome..hahaa lol..
awesome oh mah Gawd.. !!
it was hahaha lol like hahaha

санжог said...

HA HAHA HA wingman

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome kewl post like this,needs an awesome "commenet",na.

"I forgot to pay you"HA HA HA
its Hindi having a baby with English.

I will never forget the above two lines :-)

Anonymous said...

by the way thats an awesome pic :~)

Written said...

!!Oh may gawd mann your post kicked ass..lolz hahaha ha ha. It made me like laugh like a flippin' dope-high kind of awesome like hyena!!

Seriously, now really, I enjoyed this thoroughly. You're hilarious. I like totally get that. Yeah, I should like stop now.


D said..., totally awesome dude!!!!

hehehe...but no seriously...... i really can't seem to get rid of the 'Awesome'... it refuses to leave me alone....

but ya ur post definitely induced a headache 'man'(u forgot tht Indian phrase)

Chhaya said...

i happen to have a similar list in my head.

right now i can think of - _DO YOU KNOW!_

i mean, how _wud_ i know unless i know what i m _supposed_ to know or not know :P

санжог said...

he he he, you've been hit by the question man

rohini said...

hahahaha...seriously it happens ...even the word seriously which i often use...makes me feel like an idiot smtimes...eventhough i m nt serious..still....i use it...well this list is nt so short too...

санжог said...


I guess it is alright, let's make stupid look good!

klahanie said...

Hi there,
I have done many a blog talking about overused expressions.
'At the end of the day''s midnight..simple. I hate folks who say, 'to be honest'. Does that me that usually they are not honest?
Or people who say, 'not being funny but..' well guess what? They aint funny:-)
'At this moment in time' (why can't they just say 'now'?) I am suddenly going to end this comment.
Awesome posting 'dude' and thanks for a laugh.
Kind wishes, your way, Gary :-)