Monday, January 4, 2010

Chin chin

I saw this movie called big fish... and I remember these lines between Edward Bloom's son and the doctor when they were talking about his father who told tall stories about everything including the way William was born.

Doctor: Your father ever tell you about the day you were born?
William: Yeah, a thousand times. He caught an uncatchable fish.
Doctor: Not that. The real story. He ever tell you that?
William: No
Doctor: Well, your mother came in about in the afternoon.Her neighbor drove     her, on account of your father was away on Wichita. You were born a week early,but there were no complications. It was a perfect delivery. Your father was sorry not to be there. But it wasn't the custom then for men to be in the room for I can't see how it would've been much different had he been there. And that's the real story of how you were born. Not very exciting, is it? And I suppose if I had to choose between the true version...and an elaborate one involving a fish and a wedding ring...I might choose the fancy version. But, then that's just me.

I am not going to elaborate my story that much but in my heart it is no less then fairy tale. My grandfather used to say that to me... make beautiful memories coz that's all you'll have forever.

<-----ME NOW,Constipated look
I met her three years ago, she came to my office with her friend, the day was 4th April 2006. She wore a black t-shirt and blue jeans, as always she looked stunning, but that day she was going to be my student!!

After talking to her, I told her that she did not need my help and that she could do without taking this course for communication skills, but she did not leave, and I didn't want her to go either. We talked for an hour I think. She told me later that she fell for my accent, and the way I said whatever was on my mind.

She is a bit quirky, good looking stunningly beautiful. She is very head strong, has an attitude with capital A. She'd get her way one way or the other. She is absolutely not vulnerable, very confident and intelligent. I was really really pleased to meet a girl who knew exactly what she wanted from her life. I was not going to let this opportunity pass.

I told her that there was no need for her to join the course, but I would love to see her often, because there was something about her I really wanted to figure out, which might even take a life time.

So I asked her to come some time around and meet me. Coz I really enjoyed talking to her, she was smart and pretty.

One day I took her hand and kept staring at her palm, and
She  asked :"what?" what does it say?"

Me             :" how am I suppose to know?"

she            :" I though since last ten minutes you are trying to read my palm"

Me            :" No, I don't know palm reading, I am just admiring your lovely hand, it's so beautiful, and how the hell can I let go of such a beautiful hand attached to such a beautiful girl."

I tried other 10 pickup techniques! which made her laugh.

And like rain on a sunny day, she said " I have a boy friend", I thought " what the hell, I tried!!" ( All the pretty girls are spoken for---theory proved).

Speaking to myself "So break up with your boyfriend, or I'll break him up anyway!!"

Nope, I didn't do nothing, but I was sure that , her asswipe boy-fiend had like a million in one chance to compete with me!! I was trained by the best in this world.

I was not going to poke into her business, as this was not the first time that a girl that I wanted to go out with had a boy-friend. But I knew she deserved better, she could get any man she wanted, but she stayed faithful to him.

We were good friends, untill that idiot boyfriend of hers was caught cheating with a married woman, not only this he also wanted her to understand a "man's" need.

I told her that you better get rid of him, coz i think you deserve better, I don't care if it's not me, but this moron's got to go. No i take my words back, it has to be me! and the moron's got to go.

And that idiots gone for good, I hear, still with that same woman, having a hard time!! ( not surprised! that that woman back stabbed him)

Don't ever think that its all pretty coochi coo between us, we fight like hell. We are poles apart in many many ways. And her attitude is horrible. She'd hardly means her sorries. But I tell you what, I like that about her too. Sometimes she drives me mad, but I can't live without her. Like I said I am still trying to figure out why in the God's name I can't think of my life without her. I am in love with her anger...her horrible, I don't-care-go-to-hell attitude. I am not going to write about the love we share or this post will become a fairy tale!!

But she has been with me in my bad times and good, trusted me, loved me.

I've been through relationships before, fell in love, got on. But this is different.

After three years she still dazzles me. I feel like home when she is next to me. Now I know that this is the girl I'd love to grow old with.


Uncommon Sense said...

the big fish is a gd movie...
and ur chhoti si love story is also quiet interesting..

and falling in love with someone's anger is kinda deep thing..

Sorcerer said...

wowwie mate

when did I not tell awesome you say.


санжог said...

@ uncommon sense

Yeah, that movie taught me a lot, What is important to you is not ordinary. So I think that all the people attached to us and the little things they do are not ordinary, coz they mean a lot to us.


thanx bro

Written said...

Well, being in love with someone's anger is something different, unique even. I could feel the love you have for her, in your words even when it is not hunky dory all the time. It's realistic. =)

санжог said...

thanx shanaz, but i never wrote about the love we share. Good things are better kept secret.
She puts up with lots of head aches I give her. It's mutual.

Anonymous said...

So now I know, who chin chin is!
May you grow old with her and live happily forever!!! :)

SilverNeurotic said...

I love hearing those "how we met" stories.

санжог said...

@ yemiledu

Thanx, right now Chin chin going mad coz I put her photo on my blog!! I guess, i might just take em off.

@silver neurotic

HA HA HA HA, well I made it short!

Chhaya said...

first of all, thank u for dropping by @ my blog and for the nice comment. I always admire a visitor who actually reads the stuff and leaves a comment that gives me another PoV into my own work. So let me thank u once again.

I liked Big Fish. one of the movies that make u think. btw, I like ur writing style. And I am glad to come across a guy who actually likes a girl with a Personality ... :)
my best wished for you two :)

following ur blog and blogrolling u.

санжог said...

thanx a lot Chayya

Anonymous said...

hehe :)

Sakshi said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog. This is such a cute love story...fights are a part of the love that you guys have for each other, keep that happening. All the best..

санжог said...

thanx sakshi

Chocolate Lover said...

sho shweet :))

Thanks for visiting my blog
and leaving cheerful words for me :)

санжог said...
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