Saturday, January 9, 2010


Long time ago, Eddy and me were returning from a hectic, long 300kms of driving kind of day. It was almost 1 AM, and we were passing through this really really dangerous suburb called Cabramatta, drug dealers, gang wars and stuff going around at that place all the time.

It was cold, and we were in our trusty Toyota Hiace, which takes a lot of battering from Eddy and his road rage, if Eddy can't kill it, nothing can! I could hardly keep my eyes open, and still had a long way to go coz Eddy lives in Campbelltown. We stopped for some energy drinks (v-drink), we both are kind of addicted to it!!

Eddy was waiting for me in the van as I came out of the 7/11 (Yes that was run by an Indian, as you might have assumed! TAXI+ 7/11 = Indian). Eddy honked the horn when the store guy was fumbling with change! I gave Eddy a finger (Hold your horses, the cash register is working as fast as it can!!).

I jumped into the passenger seat, and Eddy looked at me with a serious face.

Eddy: " bro there is something wrong tonight, I don't feel right, let's get out of here"

Me: " don't tell me you are thinking of skid-mark Eddysophy again!!"

Eddy:  " no, seriously, I have this gut feeling something is wrong!"

Me: " ok, bro, then let's start with a skid-mark on the road and scoot from here! I am not a fan of this place at this time either!"

We came across an intersection and there was this red-light camera there! so we had to stop as the traffic signal was red. There were no vehicles around, the streets were empty. It was dark, cold and coz Eddy's gut sensors where crying out, I too felt the chill in my spine. We were in no mood to stop at the traffic signal.

I was sure that if we get to meet goons at this time high on cocaine, we'd be dead. I've heard that when a person is high on cocaine, you don't want to be around! specially with a sawed off shot gun with a hair-trigger! But Eddy was a big man and a former kick-boxer. I wasn't that worried. He taught me many things and may be if I don't panic we might get through alive.

I shouldn't have thought about all this, coz while I was thinking of various scenarios of what we would do to not get killed! I saw a man running towards our car.

I could tell he was high on something, coz he was running erratically, he was trying to cross the street. I frantically pushed the lock down. At the same time we saw a gang of 10 people with guns and machetes running towards us. The guns are not intimidating, coz you know that you'd get killed instantly , but the machetes are very scary. You can imagine , you won't die quickly with one of those slashing through you, unlike movies, coz you'd be struggling too.

I could tell that they were not ordinary teenagers with weapons, I've read lot of novels and done a lot of wiki to know that! as they came closer I saw a man with a knife in the group, he was holding it in downward position, the pointy thing towards the ground, gripping it like a tennis racket, a perfect grip.  That is a sign that they are trained people. When you find some one holding the knife or any kind of pointy thing in that way, you better run! only experts hold it that way. 

We froze, unlike the scenarios i ran in my head, blood ran out of our faces!. I looked at Eddy and he gestured to be quite.  The man being pursued collided with our van from my side. I saw the horror in his face, and something else too. There was a syringe stuck in his neck!

As we were smoking, I had left an inch of my window open. I could smell petrol. Some one had stabbed this guy with a syringe full of petrol.

The guy let a shriek out and started crossing the street. He was too slow but there was hope . There was a hospital and gas station right across the street. I also heard police siren closing fast! listening to the cops the gang after him stopped.

The man stumbled and started crawling towards the gas station. I was confused...why in the God's name is this man going towards  the petrol station instead of the hospital. But he just stopped, he could not go any further. He just had to go little bit more but he didn't.

All this happened within 60 seconds. Eddy gunned the car, and we ran out of there!!

Can anyone guess why the man stopped?

Coz he ran out of petrol!

Gotcha!, it's not even April yet! but that's me!

Thank you Eddie, coz you made this up!


Anonymous said...

I read it very seriously ...but the last 4 lines I had to read them again and again..

Though Eddy made this up...U wrote this very well.

Good work!

санжог said...

eddy has a way of doing it, he starts talking seriously and will tell a story like this.

He'll just stop at the guy not able to make up to the hospital and wait for someone to ask why.

Thanx yemiledu

Sorcerer said...

you got the response over phone yesterday when you narrated your aqwesome story..right?

F[beep]ing good this is

iam loving it

санжог said...

he he he he, well I managed to fool the saucer!!

Quirky said...

!!!!! I was half wondering whether this was fact or fiction while reading...But still that ending was tot tot unexpected!!

санжог said...

half was true untill the part where i went to grab the v-drink
but thats about it!!

Chocolate Lover said...

Nice! :D

shanaz | my reverie said...

I learned something new in this post. He he, if somebody's holding a knife with the pointy thing facing the ground, run like hell. But I also learned something else. I could pretend to hold a knife that way and scare people to death. ha ha ha ha !

SilverNeurotic said...

Wow, I was actually scared there for a minute. Haha!

True story. A few years ago I had to take a trip to the Emergency Room because I had had an unexplained fainting spell. It was really busy that night so my mom and I were set up in the trauma area instead of the regular care area-we hadn't been there for long when a man was brought in to the next bed who had been attacked by a machete during a bar brawl.

санжог said...


Thanx choco


Don't learn all this , it will just cause u trouble!! I swear to God I am stupid!


That is horrible. That would give me instant trauma!!

I am guessing you are alright now, coz what you said didn't sound good.

Saurabh Panshikar said...

lol! Never expected this kinda ending! lol again!

Chhaya said...

The frown on my forehead was getting deeper and deeper as i read this one...

but the lst lines! OMG!

i burst out laughing :D

loved it!

санжог said...


Man i'd tell you something, i write after reading all you guy's blogs.


Well if you had only heard it from eddy... he'd pick the right time and say this story ( actually his version is way better)

Sakshi said...

I read the whole story, thinking continuously OMG now what... esp that part about how he crashed onto your side of the van.. and I though that after this incident poor you would be having nightmares till date, Only to read the last line and reinstate-
That you too are incorrigible. Great post. :)

Uncommon Sense said...

arrey, i took it very seriously,, i thought tht guy must be doing some weird kind of nasha with petrol

susie said...

i was actually praying that that guy would get to somewhere safe.. :P